Wolt integriert Apotheken-Plattform CURE

Medicines delivered directly to your home: Wolt integrates pharmacy platform CURE

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March 13, 2024
Manuel Aberle
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Wolt integrates another pharmacy platform for easy ordering of non-prescription medicines through the app | CURE connects local pharmacies with digital business models | Expansion to all cities where Wolt is available is planned

Berlin, March 13, 2024 - AA significant contribution to the digitization of healthcare: Ordering non-prescription medicines via app and having them delivered to your home. This is made possible by a partnership between the Finnish delivery service Wolt and CURE, a leading tech startup in the healthcare sector. The CURE offering is now integrated into the Wolt app. The new service launches initially in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, and Hanover with nine pharmacies. Over the next few months, around 70 pharmacies will be added nationwide in all cities where Wolt is available. With this additional partnership, Wolt expands its existing offering for ordering non-prescription medicines and pharmacy products.

CURE is an innovative pharmacy platform. Like a copilot, CURE accompanies local pharmacies in their digitization efforts, increasing revenue while simplifying processes. Ordering non-prescription medicines via app and having them delivered home is the next logical step in rounding out the convenient all-around service.

"This strategic partnership with Wolt is a real win-win situation for all involved, but especially for the customers," says Ali-El Ali, CEO and Co-Founder of CURE Group GmbH. "And our nationwide network of pharmacies will greatly benefit from the digital purchasing power of Wolt app users."

"For Wolt, this cooperation is another step towards becoming an all-encompassing delivery service. Our experience shows that our customers appreciate receiving non-prescription medicines and other products from the pharmacy within approximately 35 minutes," says Bassel Soukar, Head of Retail at Wolt Germany. "Through collaboration with CURE, we can now offer this service on an even broader basis."Currently, non-prescription medicines and pharmacy products can be ordered through the app. With the establishment of e-prescriptions, prescription medicines could also be added.

Press Contact Wolt:

Janina Baldin

Head of PR & Communications

Wolt Deutschland


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Laurens Laudowicz
Chief Growth Officer 


About Wolt

Wolt is a technology company founded in Helsinki that makes it easy to discover and have the best restaurants, grocery stores, and other local businesses delivered. To enable this, Wolt develops a wide range of technologies ranging from local logistics to retail software and financial solutions. Wolt was founded in 2014 and operates today in 25 countries and more than 500 cities. More information: www.wolt.com

About Cure

CURE is an advanced, AI-driven platform specifically designed for pharmacies. It supports pharmacies in maximizing their revenue through strategic B2B partnerships. CURE offers an accessible and efficient solution for the digitization of pharmacies and the optimization of business processes. So we help pharmacies seamlessly adapt to the digital future and increase their operational efficiency.

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