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CURE is coming to Munich

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October 1, 2022
Reno Galisteu
Head of Marketing
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With the launch in Munich, the Berlin-based start-up is further expanding its German business and now offers its service in four cities

  • Customers can currently choose from over 3,000 over-the-counter products. After e-prescription, prescription drugs can also be ordered via CURE.
  • CURE is planning to expand to 15 German cities until the end of 2022

CURE Group, known for its pharmacy delivery service and the app GetCure, is now also active in Munich. Currently, customers can choose from 3,000 prescription-free medications. Soon, the app will also integrate electronic prescriptions. CURE was already successfully launched in Berlin, Hamburg, and Frankfurt am Main in February 2022. With the launch in Munich, the Berlin-based start-up is further expanding its German business and now offers its service in four cities. CURE's vision is to be the connecting element between patients, pharmacies, telemedicine professionals, and couriers. In the future, patients will also be able to make a doctor's appointment via the GetCure app. 

"Munich is the capital of Bavaria and is considered one of the most livable cities in the world. With CURE, we are pleased to further improve the quality of life for residents in terms of healthcare," comments CEO and Co-Founder Ali El-Ali on the launch.

A strong partner for local pharmacies     

Founders Ali El-Ali and Manuel Aberle - serial founders from the technology and mobility industry - intend to change the healthcare industry in Europe. "Our main goal at the moment is to digitize our partners' pharmacies and become the connecting element and the best platform for pharmacists and customers," explains El-Ali. The company is developing its app step by step to achieve this goal. Co-founder Manuel Aberle adds: "We are also pleased that the new and improved version of the well-known GetCure app is now available to all customers throughout Germany.

How GetCure works 

Any person with a smartphone and internet connectivity can use GetCURE to quickly and easily select what they need from a range of currently 3,000 over-the-counter medical products. Once the customer selects the product it needs, the order is placed at the nearest partner pharmacy. At the pharmacy, the purchase is checked and monitored by specialist staff. A CURE rider collects and delivers the order to the customer's door. There are no additional delivery costs for customers. The advantage for pharmacies is clear: CURE does not act as a competitor but as a delivery service and thus helps to expand the business area of the stationary pharmacy trade business area. Existing customers can therefore be offered a new service free of charge, together with the pharmacies, CURE allies health.

Customers can download the GetCure app at www.getcure.app or via Google Play Store and Apple Store.

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