Supercharge your pharmacies revenue with up to 1.200 orders per month

We connect your pharmacy with our delivery service partners. With CURE, your pharmacy can effortlessly generate more revenue through online sales.

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With the CURE ordering platform, generate up to  1,200 additional orders/month per pharmacy

We connect your pharmacy with our delivery service partners. With CURE, your pharmacy can effortlessly generate more revenue through online sales.

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Erhalten Sie täglich automatisierte Bestellungen

Receivedaily automated orders, with ease

From the very first day, you can generate orders in your pharmacy! Our service includes the complete integration of your pharmacy on various platforms, the provision of all necessary product data, and targeted advertising campaigns to maximize your visibility.

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Compatible with yourPOS system

Hear from our partner pharmacies

„By using CURE, we were able to optimize our order flow and generate additional orders. The B2B integrations are a real game changer for us."

Alina Galperin
Owner of Apotheke des Westens

„Thanks to the CURE ordering platform, we have seen a significant increase in orders and generated more revenue. Additionally, CURE has seamlessly helped us take the step into the digital world."

Norbert Peter
Owner of Burger Apotheke

Elevate your pharmacy with CURE:
key advantages

your customers remain your customers
Trustful customer relationships are maintained.
more non-prescription medication orders
Generate up to 1,200 additional orders per month per pharmacy.
guaranteed no training necessary
Easy and immediate use without training effort.
100% GDPR compliant
Full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.
no additional app required
Seamless integration into your existing workflow.

CURE in action:
an overview of the process

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Customer order
Customers order easily and conveniently via well-known platforms such as Lieferando or Wolt.
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Central management
of all orders
All orders are bundled and clearly displayed in one place.
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Fast & reliable delivery
Drivers pick up prepared orders and deliver them to the customer.

Frequently asked questions

What is the CURE ordering platform?
The CURE ordering platform enables pharmacies to generate up to 1,200 additional orders per month by integrating online shops and delivery services.
How much does the CURE ordering platform cost?
Using the CURE ordering platform is free. You only pay a small fee per order, which is incurred when your pharmacy receives an order through the platform. This way, you can benefit from the advantages of our platform without any fixed costs.
Is the use of the CURE platform GDPR-compliant?
Yes, our solution is 100% GDPR-compliant and protects your customers' data.
Which POS systems is CURE compatible with?
CURE is compatible with all common POS systems, including ADG, Awinta, and Lauer-Fischer.
How can we become a partner pharmacy?
Simply fill out the registration form on our website, and a representative will contact you to discuss the further process.
What advantages does CURE offer for my pharmacy?
CURE offers many advantages, including increased customer retention, automated order acceptance, guaranteed delivery times, and compliance with all legal regulations.
How quickly are orders processed and delivered?
Orders are processed immediately upon receipt and reliably delivered to your customers.
How can I ensure that only available products are ordered?
Our integration ensures that only available products are displayed and can be ordered.
Where do customers place orders?
The customer orders over-the-counter products easily and conveniently through well-known apps from our demand partners (such as Lieferando or Wolt). All orders are displayed to you in a bundled, centralized, and clear manner in one place.
Can I ask questions about orders?
Yes, you can always ask your customers questions to ensure that every order is correct.
What do other pharmacies say about CURE?
Read the testimonials of our partner pharmacies on our website to learn more about their positive experiences with CURE.

Become a CURE partner pharmacy now

After registering, you can take your time to decide whether it makes sense for your pharmacy to participate.

  • Generate up to 1,200 additional orders per month per pharmacy
  • Simple integration
  • No risk, no minimum contract term

We cordially invite you to learn more about our partner program specifically developed for pharmacies. After we have provided you with all relevant information, you can calmly decide whether participation makes sense for your pharmacy.

  • Easy integration: become a CURE partner pharmacy now and generate up to 1,200 additional orders per month per pharmacy.

  • No risk, no minimum contract duration
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